Gmade 1/10 GS02F KOMODO double cab TS KIT

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Product Details   GM57010 - 1/10 GS02F KOMODO double cab TS KIT ASSEMBLE KIT Radio control / electric PERFORMANCE   Shown with custom painted body. included body is clear. EQUIPMENT NEEDED (not included) STEEL LADDER FRAME GS02F frame is designed to look as a chassis of a real car frame and the material of the frame is made of high strength steel, C-channel side rail and is with hex wrench bolted with cross members, which make it resistant to twisting or wraping. Also, steel parts are black powder coated finish to prevent rust.       Inner Fenders The inner fender is directly fixed to the frame to reduce the flex and bending of the chassis and parts, it also reduces external objects to entering to the chassis during driving.     Adjustable wheelbase GS02F chassis allows three type of easy adjustment of wheelbase convert kit to use any type of 313 and 324mm custom bodies. (optional link kits are sold separately)   Front weight balance GS02F´s weight balance designed to be placed on the forward of the chassis. This will increase the tire tracktion to the front wheel to provide better crawling on a high tilt angle rocks and better driving performance when hill climbing and this will help minimizing the vehicle´s rolling over when climbing.   Front Mounted Motor Able to use 540 or 550 size motor with cooling fan with option. The motor is designed to mounted in front of the chassis, so it can increases more tire traction to the front side.     Multiple Battery Locations GS02F can use all sizes of lipo batteries and Ni-MH batteries, and can be freely locate the battery position purpose of uses.   Standard Pack(Max width: 156mm) Shorty Pack(Max width: 98mm)   Chassis Mounted Servo system with panhard bar GS02F steering system has a steering servo on the frame just like a 1:1 real car. It is designed to make it as closed to the zero bump steer so bump steer movement does not appear by front wheel suspension movements, so we ended up with maximizing the steering performance of the vehicle. In addition, the Panhard-bar is designed to avoid interference with nearby parts, so that the front suspension and shocks can move freely without any loss.       Drivelines The drive lines of the front and rear axles are arranged in straight-line to reduce the fatigue stress of the universal shaft and reduce the loss of driving power by providing efficient driving lines.     Transmission The GS02F transmission is designed to look as a real 1:1 scale vehicle, and provides the best performance according to the driving situation.   Overdrive Overdrive means, front and rear wheels rotate at the different speeds. The GS02F transmission is designed to rotate the front wheel faster than the rear wheel.   No overdrive (Option) 30T / 30T (GM30172) Various surface terrain, When there is a large percentage of driving on flat land. Overdrive percentage : 0% front wheel : 100rpm / rear wheel : 100rpm Overdrive 1 (Stock) 32T / 28T Various surface terrain. Overdrive percentage :...
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