Boss WL-60T Wireless Transmitter

NOK 1,536.25 - NOK 1,853.00 (Inkl. estimert frakt)

Funksjoner og tekniske detaljer

Boss WL-60T Wireless Transmitter, Replacement Transmitter for Boss WL-60 Wireless System, For equipping a second instrument with a transmitter, allowing speedier instrument changes on stage, Can be used as a reserve in the event that a transmitter is damaged or lost, The integrated, robust clip allows the transmitter to be securely attached to a belt or strap and its orientation can be reversed to suit your playing preferences, Can be connected via a short jack cable (included), Extra long battery life of up to 25 hours via only 2x AA alkaline batteries@+*Note:* For wireless audio transmission the WL-60T should be used together with the wireless receiver of the WL-60 system. As a standalone device the WL-60T has no audio functions.@+@+