Royal Catering Flaskekjøleskap- 323 L - Aluminium 10010441

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Beverage Refrigerator - 323 L - Aluminium Interior You can find suitable refrigerators for every need in our gastronomy product range. For example, the RCGK-318C beverage refrigerator from Royal Catering is the perfect answer for chilling your drinks! 323 litres of capacity, lockable sliding doors with automatic closing, double glazing and circulation cooling make the beverage refrigerator the perfect complement for your catering need. The temperature range for cooling drinks such as white wine, sparkling wine, champagne or beer is between 2 - 10 °C. Cleaning is made easier thanks to easily wipeable materials making up the interior. Uniform air circulation with three fans (R600a) Reliable LG-compressor Large volume capacity of 323 L Automatic temperature adjustment between 2 - 10 °C Easy to clean aluminium interior
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